Hakeem Nezamie's Commemoration Ceremony,

Unveiling Ceremony of the two Books of "Laili and Majnoon" written by Shahin Bokharai and ShahKarim Khodaybardi

Unveiling Ceremony of the two Books of "Laili and Majnoon" written by Shahin Bokharai and ShahKarim Khodaybardi
During the international ceremony of "Nazm-e Del with Nezamie" which was held by ECI on March 11, 2024 at the diplomatic library of ECI, the two books of "Liali and Majnoon" (based on analogy of the style of Hakeem Nezami) were launched.
 At this ceremony which was held with the aim of introducing the works and poems of Hakeem Nezamie, the famous poet and storyteller of ECO region, the two books titled:"Laili and Majnoon", based on traditional analogy of Hakeem Nezamie, and both of which have been translated and published by competent translators in Iran, were launched. 
The ceremony inaugurated with the speech of by Dr. SaadS. Khan, Honorable President of ECI. Dr. SaadS. Khan by stating that Hakeem Nezamie is one of the outstanding literary figures and a treasure in the heart of the history of the ECO region, emphasized that:" the rich heritage of Hakeem Nezamie's poetry and thought has been able to establish a meaningful bond between people who are searching for unity, friendship and solidarity".
Later at the ceremony, the following honorable participants spoke about the literary achievements of the ECO member countries in strengthening friendship and promoting the cultural and civilizational heritage of this region in the international arena, and the impact of Hakeem Nezamie's poems on the integration of the people of this region, and at the end of their speeches, they recited poems by Hakeem Nezamie: Dr. Islam Zhemeney, Doctor of Philology, Professor Director of "Turan-Iran" research Al-Farabi Kazakh National University; Dr. Jafar Muhammad Termizi, Professor of Oriental Studies University of Tashkent; Dr. Noor Ali Nourzad, Director of the Department of Persian Language and Literature, National University of Khujand; Dr. Reza Kiyani, Translator, Professor of university and faculty member of Population Research Institute of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology; Mr. Mostafa Razaghi, Popular Culture Researcher; Ms. Gaukhar OmarKhanva, Translator and Introducer of the culture and society Kazakhstan; Ms. Zahra Zahedi, Poet and Member of the board of directors of Afghanistan's Literature House; Dr. Gulbahyt Kudaibergeniva, Professor of Farabi University of Kazakhstan; Ms. Soheila Yosefi, Manager in charge of Kheradgan publications.
 At the end of this ceremony, the two books of "Laili and Majnoon" written by Shahin Bokharai and translated by Dr. Reza Kiyani and the second book written by ShahKarim Khodaybardi and translated by Mrs. Gohar Omar Khanva, were launched. 
It is worth mentioning that the book "Laili and Majnoon" by Shahin Bokharai, along with a foreword by Professor Sadriddin Aini and with the efforts of Dr. Reza Kiyani, has been compiled in 151 pages and was published in 1402 by Kitabnameh Publishing House.
Also, the book "Laili and Majnoon" by ShahKarim Khodaybardi, was translated by Ms. Gaukhar OmarKhanva and edited by Mr. Ehsan Yosefi. The mentioned book contains 107 pages and was published by Kheradgan Publishing House in 1402.




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