Pakistani-Russian Scientist’s Coronavirus Treatment

Pakistani-Russian Scientist’s Coronavirus Treatment
Pakistani-Russian scientist introduces a therapy that cures Coronavirus in just 10 days.
Pakistani-Russian scientist Dr. Jan Alam has invented a mineral-based medicine to treat the Coronavirus that cures the disease in just 10 days. This treatment is called Minerolytevir and is a 5th generation medicine that has been registered by the Drug Regulation Authority of Pakistan (DRAP).
Addressing a press conference, Dr. Alam claimed that the treatment has no side-effects and is completely safe for human beings. A patient with COVID-19 can be saved by using it within 10 days.
Request from the Pakistani-Russian scientist to use his medicine in hospitals
The Pakistani-Russian scientist added that numerous patients who had used his medicine had been cured, both in Pakistan as well as in Russia. He called on the federal government to use his medicine in hospitals as soon as possible to save precious lives.
So far, Dr. Jan Alam has been awarded top national awards by the Russian government for his services and inventions in the field of medicine. He won the Best Pharmacist Award in Geneva in 2018, in 2019 in Paris and for his Minerolytevir in 2020, again in Paris.
Dr. John Alam has invented 20 new drugs, including cancer drugs, and is the first scientist in the world to develop a mineral-based medicine for the Coronavirus.
Feb 3, 2021 20:41
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