Turkey; Inevitable Destination of Russian Tourists

Turkey; Inevitable Destination of Russian Tourists
Union of Russian Travel Agencies: 60% of Russian tourists prefer to spend their holidays in Turkey.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, “most Russian tourists who will not be able to spend their holidays in Turkey in April and May due to the suspension of flights from Russia, have not changed their destination and are waiting for other tours”, said Maya Lomidze, President of the Union of Russian Tourist Agencies. 
Speaking at a meeting of the Russian Federation Council on the country’s tourism sector, Lomidze said that “we have conducted research agencies, the existing table shows that about 15% of Russian tourists prefer domestic tourism centers and destinations of 18% to 20% of them are from Cuba. The remaining 60% are waiting to go to Turkey”.
Lomidze noted that the Russians had bought 500,000 tours in Turkey in April and May, and that the current load was 50,000 to 60,000 in addition to destinations inside Russia.
Speaking on April 12, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that regular and charter flights between Turkey and Russia would be limited from April 15 to June 1. 
Apr 25, 2021 01:51
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