Message from ECI President on the occasion of World Tourism Day:

ECO Tourism should be realized as the symbol of tourism in the region

World Tourism Day
on September 27, 2021, Sarvar Bakhti, president of the ECO Cultural Institute, issued a message on the occasion of the World Tourism Day.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, the message reads: 
"The World Tourism Day is a reminder of the high values which has gained more significance with the 2021 theme "Tourism for Inclusive Growth".
The ECO region, as one of the oldest areas of civilization, has an indescribable capacity of ritual, cultural, artistic, health, sports, food and nature tourism, if only one or more of these areas are well-defined under "ECO Tourism", with a unified structure to address the member countries, they will display one of the lost parts of the "Eastern identity" before the eyes of all nations of the region as well as the world. 
Turning ECO tourism into a regional symbol is the best way to reunite the peoples of the region and to ensure the inclusive growth of the cultural economy in all ECO member countries.
The selection of ECO tourism capitals in recent years has been an opportunity to fulfill "ECO tourism for the inclusive growth of all member countries", which, despite all efforts, has not yet achieved. It is expected that through collaboration and collective belief in the "ECO Tourism discourse" we will be able to display one of the most beautiful symbols of tourism in the world in this ancient civilization and accomplish our historical responsibility as revivers of Eastern identity."



Sep 28, 2021 13:04
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