The book "I begin with you" Launched

The book "I begin with you" Launched
Coinciding with the Book and Book Reading Week in Iran, the launching ceremony of the book "I Begin with You" along with an exhibition of the photo portraits of 50 contemporary Iranian poets was held on Thursday, November 18, at the ECO Cultural Institute.

 According to the ECO Cultural Institute, the event was hosted by Dr. Esmail Azar as the Master of Ceremony, and participated by authorities of the National Archives and Library of Iran, the Iranian Poets Society, the Islamic Development Organization, Allameh Tabataba’i University, the General Directorate of Cultural Exchanges and Organizations. International Ministry of Culture and Islamic Communication, Iran Book News Agency (IBNA), BOOKBALL Web Portal and Radio Farhang. In the event, speakers elaborated on the status of the contemporary Persian poetry in the world and the importance of the role of poetry translation.

At the ceremony, Mr. Sarvar Bakhti, President of the ECO Cultural Institute, referred to the Persian poetry and literature as a perfect symbol of the great Persian culture and said: Persian poetry is the source of pride for the ECO nations and eloquent people throughout the world adorn their literary works with this language.

The President of the ECO Cultural Institute Emphasized the role of translating the literature of nations and considered facilitating and strengthening the interactions of regional thinkers in the field of culture and civilization, as well as introducing poets and their works to the world, as an important step in forming effective cultural relations between nations.

Dr. Ashraf Boroujerdi, Director of the National Archives and Library of Iran, was another speaker at the event who thanked the President of the ECO Cultural Institute for his remarks on how poetry affects the growing state of relations between nations. She said: Culture without poetry cannot bear fruit and Persian literature can be the beginning of cultural development in various fields.

 Dr. Fatemeh Rakaei, CEO of the Iranian Poets Society, named Tahereh Saffarzadeh and Gheisar Aminpour and said: "Poetry is an opportunity to express commonalities, human aspirations that crosses geographical boundaries and connects nations."  Then she recited a poem about the efforts of Afghan women to preserve their national identity and culture.

Dr. Alireza Ghazveh, poet and researcher and CEO of the Institute of Persian Language Poets, said that good efforts have been made to publish the works of Persian-speaking poets by other countries, including Tajikistan, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He stressed that: “Persian language once had been the language of knowledge and science throughout the world, it can serve the same function today to promote the language internationally. “

Dr. Habibi, Director of Radio Farhang, praised the views of the ECO Cultural Institute President and said: "Our contemporary poets are considered cultural treasures that should be introduced to other countries as much as possible." He added: "Poetry plays an important role in cultural power, and today our mission is to try to create translations for the next generation."

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