Afghan ritual poetry night in Tehran

Afghan ritual poetry night in Tehran
The Night of Ritual Poetry of Syed Al-Shohada Doctrine (AS) was held with the cooperation of ECI with the aim of familiarizing Afghan and Iranian youth with ritual poetry.
According to ECI, the evening of ritual poetry of Syed Al-Shohada Doctrine (AS) was held, in collaboration with the House of Literature of Afghanistan and the Management of Literary Creations of the Cultural and Artistic Organization of Tehran Municipality and with the presence of Alireza Qazwe, Mohammad Kazem Kazemi and Syed Abdullah Hosseini along with a group of Afghan and Iranian artists and poets, in the Family Cultural Center of Shafaq Park, on the 10th of August (3rd of Muharram).
In this poetry night, poets from Iran and Afghanistan were present, including Dr. Seyed Abdullah Hosseini, Dr. Shaukat Ali Mohammadi Shari, Mr. Aref Jafari, Mrs. Kobra Hosseini Balkhi, Mrs. Zahra Hosseinzadeh, Professor Mohammad Kazem Kazemi, Professor Ismail Amini, Mr. Hamid Mobasher, Mrs. Zahra Zahedi and Mr. Javad Sheikh Al-Islami. It should be mentioned that in this ceremony, Mr. Karbalayi Hassan Rasekh recited a ritual poem known as Manqebat.
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