Nowruz Celebrations in Azerbaijan

Nowruz Celebrations in Azerbaijan
This year, for 29 consecutive years after the independence of the country in 1991, the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan officially celebrated Nowruz.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, quoting IRNA, the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan will not be able to celebrate Nowruz this year as they did last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine restrictions imposed to combat COVID-19. 
Nowruz is celebrated in the Republic of Azerbaijan in a very glorious way, and the similarity of Nowruz traditions and rituals of this country to Nowruz ceremonies in Iran is more than other neighboring countries.
The first Nowruz rituals in the Republic of Azerbaijan begin with a special ceremony on the Wednesday night before Nowruz.
In the Republic of Azerbaijan, Tuesday is called ‘Akhshami Wednesday’ and the people of this country celebrate the last four Tuesdays of Esfand in the celebration of Nowruz, respectively, ‘Su Charshanbe Si’ (Water Wednesday), ‘Oud Charshanbe Si’ (Fire Wednesday), ‘Turpaq Wednesday Si’ (Soil Wednesday) and ‘Akhir Wednesday’ or ‘Yal Wednesday Si’ (Last Wednesday or Wind Wednesday).
Due to the fact that the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan have historically attached great value to Nowruz, this blessed Eid has always been widely reflected in the popular culture of the people of this country.
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