Nowruz Festival in Turkmenistan

Nowruz Festival in Turkmenistan
Turkmen people are very hospitable and proud of their ancient history. After its independence, Nowruz was declared by the order of the President of the country, in order to revive the ancient tradition of the country, and is now celebrated every year on March 21.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, quoting IRNA, in this country, according to old and new traditions, New Year is celebrated twice a year. One according to the Gregorian calendar and the other Eid-e-Nowruz as a sign of reviving the ancient customs of the Turkmen people.
In Turkmenistan, Nowruz is a holiday for farmers who provide food for the people, which is why farmers celebrate Nowruz on the slopes of the “Kopet-Dagh” mountain and on the shores of the Amu Darya.
Apr 5, 2021 18:31
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