5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Pakistan in 2021

5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Pakistan in 2021
If you want to know why Pakistan is an amazing country to travel to in 2021, be sure to read five important reasons to visit Pakistan.
Amazing landscapes
In Pakistan, there are many mountainous and lush natural places and traveling to Pakistan is a good choice for nature lovers. When visiting these landscapes, take your camera with you so that you can capture these beauties while enjoying the beautiful and spectacular landscapes, valleys and lakes.
Pakistanis are extremely hospitable and the locals are very friendly with tourists, especially foreigners. Walk in any city or market, people will greet you with a smile.
They ask where you are from. They offer you Pakistani tea and take a selfie with you. Even locals, in some cases, refuse to accept money from tourists, saying that you are their guest.
Ethnic diversity
It is enough for someone to travel from south to north to see the diversity of people’s lifestyles, culture, language, traditions and customs. Each region and community has a very unique and interesting story and history that you can hear and see only during your trip to Pakistan.
Most tourists from all over the world come to Pakistan for adventure. The country has the highest peaks in the world, including the second K2 and Nanga Parbat. These two peaks are both the most popular destinations for climbers.
Ancient heritage
Pakistan is home to the first civilizations. That is why traveling to Pakistan is one of the recurring choices for history buffs. Built from around 2500 BC, Mohenjo-daro is one of the world’s first major cities from ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations to ancient second-century Buddhist monasteries.
In addition, Pakistan is home to many important temples and places of worship, from second-century Buddhist monasteries to ancient Hindu temples built 1,500 years ago in Guru Nanak Temples. The Mongol emperors also built a beautiful mosque, one of the most beautiful of which is the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore. 
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