Moscow Launches Book from Renowned Tajik Author

Moscow Launches Book from Renowned Tajik Author
The book “City of Green Goals” by Tajik writer and journalist Gulsifat Shahidi was unveiled at the Iranian Cultural Council in Moscow.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, quoting the public relations of the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication, the unveiling ceremony of the book “City of Green Goals” written by Ms. Gulsifat Shahidi, Tajik writer and journalist and winner of the Russian Children’s Book of the Year was held at the Iranian Cultural Council in Moscow.
At the ceremony, which was also attended by writers and the Tajik Cultural Association, a representative of the Tajik Embassy in Russia, Qahramon Sulaymoni, Iran’s cultural adviser in Moscow, described the event as a step towards cultural ties between the two nations which have long been together in nature, root and destiny.
He described the publication of the book as a tribute to peace, friendship and brotherhood, and said that during its interconnected story, the author tries to provide an account of the difficult days of the Tajik civil war after the 1991 events. At the same time, what is important in the course of the story is that while the tragedies and sufferings caused by this bitter event are reflected in the book, it is ultimately the peace and return to the motherland that forms the end of the book.
Iran’s cultural adviser in Moscow said that writing and addressing the issue of Tajikistan’s civil wars was a very important issue that should be on the agenda of the country’s people of culture so that this bitter experience would remain in their minds and not be repeated in the future.
He further praised the return to in-person program after a long period of holding virtual events, and expressed hope that the two nations of Iran and Tajikistan would further cooperate based on their cultural commonalties, which is the most basic component of their identity. 
Apr 25, 2021 01:37
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