Ince Minare Museum, Konya

Ince Minare Museum, Konya
Turkey- İnce Minareli Medrese is a 13th-century medrese located in Konya, Turkey, now housing the Museum of Stone and Wood Art.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, Ince Minare Museum is one of the most special buildings in Konya, the cradle of culture. The building, which hosts the unique works of the Seljuk, the first great Turkic state of Islam Anatolia, has been housing a museum of stone and wooden artifacts since 1956, where beautiful cultural artifacts belonging to Seljuk and Karaman Ogullari have been exhibited.
Built between 1258-1279 by the Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate vizier Sâhib Ata Fahreddin Ali, who later founded the Anatolian beylik of Sâhib Ata, the minaret was originally much taller than the section that survives today, and had an unusually slender appearance in comparison to the minarets of other contemporary Seljuk mosques, hence the name of the structure.
The building has a highly ornamented stone façade which includes relief work of scripts, geometric patterning and vertical ribbon-like lines. The entrance is surrounded by a band of elegant Thuluth, depicting Sura 36 and Sura 110. The minaret was damaged by lightning in 1901, and was restored in 1956. The building now houses a museum of stone and wooden objects dating from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.



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