ECI hosts "Exuberant Imagery", a painting exhibition by celebrated Slovakian artist

ECI hosts "Exuberant Imagery", a painting exhibition by celebrated Slovakian artist
The opening of the exhibition "Exurban Imagery", a collection of paintings by Slovakian painter "Luka Brase", was held in the art gallery of the ECO Cultural Institute on 22 November 2021.
At the event, Prof. Sarvar Bakhti, President of the ECO Cultural Institute, said: When we talk about art, many people’s minds will jump first to paintings.
“Painting is the expression of ideas and emotions, with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities, in a visual language.” He added.
He went on to say that: “Now we hold this exhibition to prepare the ground for increasing exchanges and interactions between the artists from our member states with countries outside the ECO region. This is part of our efforts to get our rich regional culture promoted beyond the borders of ECO region.”
Later at the opening, the Slovak Ambassador said: “"Cooperation and communication between people in the form of art knows no bounds. In the creation of Luka feel the depth and richness of Slovak culture. During my time in Tehran, this is the first exhibition of this format. I believe that together with the team at the embassy, we will be able to prepare other similar activities".
Luka Brase, the painter also elaborated on his artworks and said: “I very much appreciate the opportunity to travel to one of the largest countries in the Middle East and West Asia. Many people do not know about Iran, but its culture and traditions date back to ancient times. His history can be inspiring to us. I had a chance to have a dialogue with Iranian artists and I was pleasantly surprised by their precise work and approach to art."
The exhibition showcased 27 abstract paintings which were well received by the visitors.  The exhibition is open to the public to visit from 23 November till 22 December 2021, (excluding Fridays and Saturdays), 9 AM- 4 PM.




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