UN Secretary-General's message on World Humanitarian Day

In a message on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, August 19, 2021, the United Nations Secretary-General thanked the aid workers around the world and acknowledged that at least 72 humanitarian aid workers had been killed in conflict areas this year, and.
According to the ECO Cultural Institute, The message of Antonio Guterres' is as follows:
Humanitarian workers are here to help the world’s most vulnerable people when disaster strikes.
But around the world, aid workers face growing threats. In the past 20 years, shootings, kidnappings, and other attacks on humanitarian organizations have increased tenfold. This year alone, at least 72 humanitarian workers have been killed in conflict zones.
On World Humanitarian Day, we pay tribute to aid workers everywhere, and commit to doing everything possible to protect them and their vital work.
This year's campaign for World Humanitarian Day focuses on the climate crisis, which threatens the homes, livelihoods and lives of some of the world’s poorest people.  
By signing up to #[hashtag] TheHumanRace, your daily exercise will help send a message to global leaders that climate action can leave no one behind.
The climate emergency is a race we are losing. But it's a race we can and must win.
Let’s lace up our running shoes, join TheHumanRace campaign, and together, make sure everyone reaches the finish line.



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